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real name: rik halder

stage name: dj rik

location: guwahati

current location: guawahati, assam

country: india

date of birth: 15th november,1992


Riktom Halder aka RIK, always had a great passion for Music and Videos.His journey started at a very juvenile age of 15,when he use to collect music and analyze them. Gradually a passion of becoming a musician has already grew deep inside which leads him to choose DJ as his passion, with the time the passion turned into proffession. His tunes and visual sets can be best known as a perfect amalgamation of commercial music and  electronic dance music, good enough to make the listeners go crazy & dance to the tunes. A learner  and a craver for bigger and better every time. His only aim lies in creating a frolic and gaiety environment for the people to enjoy to the last beat plays. His interest doesn't stop here. Now a days he spends most of his time in music and video production, and also self learning the new technologies of VJ’ing (Visual Jockey). and advance Projection Mapping Which adds  another feather to his cap. His music & visuals expresses what cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent.

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